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2 Vizslas, a girl, and a crazy rabbit.

A run-down on the names mentioned.


Born 4/16/2005, lived with since 4/2006.
Steve is my baby boy, my puppy puppy. He is a sweetheart and a softie. He wants to be friends with everyone, no matter if they’re a human, a horse, or a little bug. Don’t want to be his friend? He’ll try harder. This has led to multiple vicious attacks by little dogs, primarily Yorkies, and he gets so upset over it. His feelings are very sensitive and he’s very expressive. If he does something wrong he instantly knows and puts himself in time out. We did an agility class for 2 years and we always got our own special instructions from the teacher. The others required a stronger hand and some occasional yelling. The rule was never, ever yell around Steve or let him think you’re anything other than super proud of him. He’s had major separation anxiety issues in the past, involving vomiting, pooping, and full out panic attacks, but we’ve overcome them. He’s gotten past most of his fears, including stuffed animals that stare at him and things moving because of fans.

Born 12/20/2001, lived with since 1/2009 (off and on before then).
Carly is silly. Her nickname “monster” is well deserved! She has no manners, steals anything that resembles food, and gives nose bites to people she likes (anyone that pets her). When she wags her tail it goes in all directions – left to right, up and down, diagonally, in circles. She does a straight hop when she’s excited, usually accompanied by a couple of big “ahwoof!” barks. I met her at 2 years old and cared for her and the rest of her previous owner’s dogs for years. She’s had 5 litters. After her last I had her spayed and she came to live with me. She has severe allergies and always seems to be reacting to something, even with her careful diet and booties for going in the yard. She’s not as clingy as Steven but loves a good cuddle. She’s big on nesting and will steal anything that can be used as a pillow or blanket so she can sleep under it. On May 17th 2011 I found a tumor on her breast. Despite catching it quickly and immediately getting her into surgery, the tumor was found to be aggressive cancer and had already formed it’s own blood supply. Any day could be her last.

Born 1/29/2009, lived with since 3/2009.
Lilly is a handful! As a baby she was very quiet, always sitting by herself. At the time I had 2 other rabbits, the same age as her. I got her 2 days after getting them, after seeing an ad on craigslist for a free bunny, perfect for snake food. She was bred by a 4H kid, and her horrible markings made her impossible to show. When she hit puberty it was like someone switched my bunny for another one. She became very bossy. I had to rehome the other 2 because she was obsessed with killing them. She didn’t change after being spayed. She has fought cats much larger than herself, always winning. She was very particular about how her things were arranged and constantly had anger fits over things not meeting her standards. She has mellowed out extremely since January. Now she follows me everywhere, just like the dogs. Every evening I get kisses, I didn’t get a single one until recently! She sits with the dogs, follows us upstairs for naps, and is a very happy, bubbly, sweet girl. She still tries to eat everything, including pizza, medicine, dog food, raw meat… if I’m eating it or Carly’s eating it, she wants it, and she’s very pushy.


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