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2 Vizslas, a girl, and a crazy rabbit.

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I was up in Wilmington yesterday and stopped in Petco to get some things for future-puppy and for the Vizslas.

Steve got a Planet Petco toy, on sale for $3 (from $13), that looks similar to this one, except the head has one rope coming from it, then a body with six squeakers and 4 paws that each have a squeaker, followed by another rope that’s about 10″ long. He isn’t too crazy about it – his current favorites are all tiny, happy meal sized toys – but some tossing and squeaking has taken place. He was just tossing it around while holding the head and smacked himself with the rope tail. He can’t figure out who the hell just touched him, where they went, and how they got away so fast. Silly Steven!!

His current favorite is this little 2 1/2″ pig, a Zanies Lil Barnyard Baby, picked up at Paws in Annapolis:


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Yesterday I packed the dogs up and took them to Annapolis, Maryland. It’s a very pretty place, very dog friendly, and GREAT for shopping if you don’t have dogs with you (many stores down by the harbor allow dogs). We had lunch with my good friend Kathy at City Dock Coffee on Market Street. The bagel wasn’t that great but it was lovely getting to see her and chat. I wish we lived closer. It’s two hour parking so after lunch we drove over to Pet Barn (see below) and went to Barnes & Noble, then drove back and spent another 2 hours walking up and down Main Street and around that area. I’ll have a photo post tomorrow.

We went in two pet stores, both of which I’d looked up before we left. Paws Boutique is a lovely store on State Circle, right by the harbor. The two ladies working were wonderful and really spoiled Carly! Their focus is more on things for the owner, with coasters, night lights, plates, signs, tons of different prints, and other things that feature different breeds. Their selection is well curated. They also have some cool toys, a large collar selection, some bowls, life vests, and fancy treats. Steve got a round pig toy that honks, and they both got a fancy wheat free biscuit.

Don’t let the exterior of Pet Barn fool you – it’s amazing inside! This is far from your average pet supply store. Many of the lines they carry are local and/or handmade, and almost everything is eco-friendly. The freezer in the back takes up most of the wall, emphasizing their, and their customers’, commitment to feeding raw. Their raw selection is the main reason I wanted to visit, as I can’t get anything at stores in delaware. Their largest selection is of Primal, but they also had a good amount of Bravo, Nature’s Variety, Instinct, K9 Kraving, and a couple others. For those without much freezer space they have Ziwi Peak and Stella & Chewy’s, particularly the larger bags. They carry a small amount of kibble, only the best. Half of the dry food is Orijen and Acana, which I haven’t seen anywhere else close to us. My local store wants over $100 a bag to order it, while Pet Barn has each variety for around $61. They also have some Evo, Innova, California Natural, VeRus, Go!, and Nature’s Logic, along with the Honest Kitchen, Sojo, and Addiction mixes. The shelves are stocked with the canned versions of the dry foods, as well, along with a few other companies that focus on quality canned foods like Addiction (my pen died so I didn’t get to write the names down). Just about every imaginable meat source is covered. They have a large selection of hand baked treats, along with antlers and chews from just about every part of of the cow and lamb.

And that’s just the food! The collars section, ohmygod, the collars section. Three lines they had that I hadn’t seen before: Cheengoo, Wagging Green, and Blue Blood. They had some handsome 2″ martingales, but I’m too short to reach them and didn’t want to ask for assistance just to read the label. Did I mention that they carry lots of Etsy shops’ collars? Yeah. I swear they had half of the collars in my Etsy favorites! The big standout was my favorite, Silly Buddy, and my 2 favorite collars of theirs. There was also a lot of Chloe’s Collars. I know I’m forgetting a few, I have a good memory but there was so much to ogle at! They have a lot of beds in stylish fabrics, not just the boring colors you see everywhere that don’t match anyone’s home. One line had a large book with fabric swatches, like picking out your new sofa or wallpaper. Their selection of bowls, natural supplements and remedies, coats, toys, treats, and cat things were all lovely, as well.

If you’re remotely near Annapolis, you need to check both of these stores out. Pick up stuff to spoil your dog with at Pet Barn, then go get some things for yourself at Paws, followed by a some ice cream or coffee (depending on the season) and a tour around the harbor on a boat. All of the tour companies allow dogs!

My two favorite Silly Buddy collars:


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