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2 Vizslas, a girl, and a crazy rabbit.

There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!  Percy Bysshe Shelley

Photos of Steven from a few years ago.


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This was in the Delaware State News today. They don’t have the article online, and even then you have to pay to read it, so I typed up part of it. The stuff removed after the first paragraph was common sense information about not leaving your dog in a hot car, and there was a chunk at the end about some local dog related things that I omitted.

Woman charged in dog’s death

“SMYRNA – The heat wave this week has claimed the life of at least one animal, a Rottweiler named Con, who was left inside a black Jeep parked in the Smyrna Mart Shopping Center thursday afternoon, the Smyrna Police Department said.

. . .

Con’s owner, Christina M. Casapulla, 27, of New Castle, told police she had only been inside a store at the Smyrna Mart for about half an hour before police arrived on the scene.

‘It doesn’t take that long for the inside of the car to heat up,’ Lt. wood said, noting that the thermometer in his patrol vehicle read 130 degrees after sitting with the windows up for only 10 minutes thursday. ‘(The heat) basically just cooks them to death,’ he said. ‘Even with the car windows down, it’s hot in the vehicle.’

While Ms. Casapulla was inside a store, police were notified by a concerned citizen of a large dog in distress and arrived at the Smyrna Mart parking lot at approximately 2:16pm, Lt. Wood said. Police discovered Ms. Casapulla’s Jeep sitting in the parking lot in direct sunlight, with the rear gate open. Con was lying approximately 30 feet away on the hot blacktop parking lot, where a concerned citizen was attempting to cool the 3 1/2 year old Rottweiler using ice from McDonald’s.

Lt. Wood said he did not know who carried the dog out of the sweltering Jeep, but since the rear window had been left open when Ms. Casapulla went into the store, Con could have jumped out of the vehicle to escape the heat. ‘Being obedient, he didn’t jump out of the window, stayed inside the Jeep and consequently died,’ Lt. Wood said.

When police arrived on the scene, Con was unresponsive and panting heavily. He was immediately removed from the parking lot and into the air-conditioned McDonald’s, Lt. Wood said.

Due to the dog’s large size, the Kent County SPCA was called to assist in transporting the dog to the Bay Animal Hospital, north of Smyrna, where it was determined that he had suffered a severe heat  stroke. Lt. Wood said Ms. Casapulla did not arrive on the scene until right before he was transported to the hospital. Due to his condition, Con was transported to the Veterinary Speciality Center of Delaware, New Castle, where he was pronounced dead on arrival, Lt. Wood said.”

This is disgusting. Some of my thoughts regarding this:

-There is a Veterinarian at the next corner on the block, 1000 feet away. Almost all of that would be walking or driving across the large parking lot. Why was the dog not immediately taken there? Bay Animal Hospital is 8-9 miles from McDonald’s.
-Why did they have to wait for the SPCA to arrive to transport the dog? Unless everyone, including the police, all had tiny two door cars, they could have gotten the dog into the back of any vehicle. Rottweilers aren’t *that* big.
-Why was he taken to a specialty vet in New Castle? Heat stroke is something that every vet should be able to handle, no matter how severe.
-The woman had to have been gone much longer than 30 minutes. It takes that long to just get there from the SPCA. The owner didn’t show up until after the SPCA was there and the dog was about to be taken to the vet. The chain of events was Person sees dog, calls the police – Police arrive, call SPCA – SPCA arrives, dog taken in McDonald’s – Dog taken to local vet. So that’s half an hour for the SPCA, plus the time it took the police to arrive, plus however long the dog was alone before a call was made.
-What the hell was the owner doing for so long? There is very little at that end of the shopping center. There’s a dollar store, and I think a Rite Aid, and Domino’s pizza. None of those take well over half an hour of your time.
-Why was the dog even with her?
-Good on the police for not doing anything about the concerned citizen who broke into the car to free the dog. The police in this area are the type who would do that, so I was pleasantly surprised. Also, good on McDonald’s for letting the police bring the dog in, although I’m sure it was only because the police were the ones asking.

Meanwhile, our State Fair still goes on, with no air conditioning in the barns for the hundreds of horses, cows, pigs, goats, and chickens. Thousands of people fill the barns all day long, and the animals constantly get petted and walked about. Why is this continuing? Even the SPCA has closed to adopters so that the doors aren’t constantly opening and the animals are left alone to stay cool.

The massacre on Norway was briefly mentioned on page 31, in between the large color ads for lawn care and real estate.

This area is so warped.

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I never clean my car windows. What’s the point? I never have people in my car, just the dogs (and Lilly). The nose prints are their mark. They make me laugh. I have a bumper sticker that says, “No, My Windows Aren’t Dirty, That’s My Vizsla’s Nose Art!”

Vizsla nose art.

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The July 2011 AKC Gazette has a great article on search and rescue dogs. Within it is an excellent photo of a Vizsla doing a water search. Check it out! Click on the image to see it full size. Just one of the many examples of things Vizslas can do.

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On Sunday the dogs and I went to Matapeake State Park, on Kent Island, Maryland to meet up with two of our good flickr friends at the dog beach. Lynda brought her two small mix girls, 9 month old sisters named Audrey and Cocoa. Kelli brought her dock diving wonder dog Labrador mix, Alice, and her 3 month old puppy, June, a Doberman/Australian shepherd/Chesapeake Bay retriever/Labrador retriever mix.

A shot of everyone (except me, of course):

52 weeks Flickr meetup!

Lynda getting her two girls into the water:
Audrey can swim, too!

Steven isn’t big on swimming, but he had to say hello to all of the dogs, even if it involved swimming out after them. Here he is trying to catch a Labrador. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is in the background.
28/52 Go Steve!

Alice waiting for her stick to be tossed.

And fetching a stick:
Dock diving wonder dog.

Miss June posing for the camera.
June, the future model.

Curling up in her little sand nest.
Tired June.

Checking on her big sister while Audrey gets a treat.
A day in the sun.

Patiently waiting.
Good girls.

I’ve met several people from Flickr and every single one has been amazing!!! The first was Tudor, who has a large place in my life, and the other being Kathy, who is now one of my best friends and Lilly’s sitter/Aunty. Flickr has the best people.


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