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2 Vizslas, a girl, and a crazy rabbit.

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The actionsampler is made for taking puppy photos.


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Today we went to our local pet store. Well, sort of local, we go to the second closest one. We hadn’t been there in a few months since I haven’t been picking up the dog food. The dogs were so excited! I don’t put Carly on a leash. At first she forgot about the treats behind the counter and started running down the aisles, before suddenly remembering and immediately going back to the employees to wiggle and beg. Steve and I walked around while she ran up and down and greeted others shopping. She was so happy and smiley.

Things we got for the puppy:

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Something you’ll quickly learn is I overanalyze everything. I rarely am able to just buy a book, for instance. I have to research and compare all of the options on the subject. I don’t think I’ve ever bought one without seeing inside of it, whether it’s in a store, using Amazon’s “Look Inside!” feature, or looking it up on Google Books and getting a preview. Authors must be researched as well, to see not only their background but their views on things. If an author supports HSUS, they likely have other opinions that I’m not going to agree with.

With that, the list I’ve come up with for books to read for the new puppy! I haven’t actually had a puppy since I was little, so my extensive dog library is severely lacking when it comes to the topics of puppy raising and basic training.

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