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2 Vizslas, a girl, and a crazy rabbit.

I was up in Wilmington yesterday and stopped in Petco to get some things for future-puppy and for the Vizslas.

Steve got a Planet Petco toy, on sale for $3 (from $13), that looks similar to this one, except the head has one rope coming from it, then a body with six squeakers and 4 paws that each have a squeaker, followed by another rope that’s about 10″ long. He isn’t too crazy about it – his current favorites are all tiny, happy meal sized toys – but some tossing and squeaking has taken place. He was just tossing it around while holding the head and smacked himself with the rope tail. He can’t figure out who the hell just touched him, where they went, and how they got away so fast. Silly Steven!!

His current favorite is this little 2 1/2″ pig, a Zanies Lil Barnyard Baby, picked up at Paws in Annapolis:


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