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2 Vizslas, a girl, and a crazy rabbit.

I can’t comprehend how people can still be this stupid, this cruel, this horrible. From GlobalBC:

Puppy dies after being left in hot car in Burnaby

BURNABY (suburb of Vancouver) – Even though the window was cracked open, the heat of Saturday July 2 was too much for a six-month old Vizsla puppy, who died after being locked in their owner’s car, in a crate, for about three hours. The temperature inside the car was registered to be 155 Fahrenheit, or about 68 Celsius.

On Saturday, Burnaby RCMP responded to a call of a dog in distress inside a car parked at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) campus. The SPCA had also been called to the scene, and it was discovered the dog had been left inside the car, in direct sunlight, for about three hours.

The owners had been found and had unlocked the car just before the police arrived, but the dog sadly passed away despite being rushed to a vet.

The SPCA is now conducting an investigation into possible animal cruelty charges against the owner.

The public is reminded that during summer weather, it is unsafe to leave animals locked inside of vehicles for any length of time.

Should you find an animal inside a vehicle that appears in distress and suffering from the heat please call the SPCA or your local police immediately.




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