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2 Vizslas, a girl, and a crazy rabbit.

– Wake up when I hear human mommy move. Cuddle her.
What mornings are really like, part 2.
– Make sure she doesn’t cuddle Carly by lying down on top of her, heads smooshed together.

– Refuse all attempts to play. Get up when mommy says “Up up up!”

– Go to bathroom with mommy. Lie on floor while she does some weird thing behind a curtain.
52weeks reject: My bathroom.– Wag tail when mommy gets out. Yawn, stretch, lick penis, squeak toy. In that order. Lie in hallway while mommy puts things in her mouth and puts stupid clothes on.

– Run downstairs. Yay! Wait while mommy clips the chain to my collar. Be a good boy.

– Long pee #1 on the right pole. Kick, kick, kick. Sniff for any visitors during the night. Poop next to the house, always in the same spot. Kick, kick. Long pee #2 on the left pole. Kick, kick, kick. Kick, kick, kick! If Carly peed within range, pee over Carly’s pee.
This is my super serious face.– Get let back inside. Zoomy time, wheeeeeeee!


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