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2 Vizslas, a girl, and a crazy rabbit.

I love seeing her happy! Most mornings she doesn’t want to get out of bed, and even then she refuses to go further than lying on the landing, where she can see out the window next to the front door. Usually it’s starting to get dark by the time I can get her to go outside. I leave her be, she doesn’t have long left so she makes all the choices on what she wants to do.

Today, though, she’s been silly all day. We went to bed early so woke up very early. She cuddled with me in bed, something she doesn’t often do. Since getting up she’s been bouncing all over the place, rolling around, and tossing toys about. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her attack the squeaker in a toy before. She even did zoomies and wrestled with Steve!

She fell asleep while we were playing hide-Carly-under-a-blanket, which is typical Carly. Steve brought her a toy and is now curled up next to her.

Old photo, but I absolutely love it:




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