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2 Vizslas, a girl, and a crazy rabbit.

Since Carly’s diagnosis of aggressive mammary cancer, I’ve started cooking for her. I combined what I’ve read in a few sources, adjusted for her allergies and in some cases more up to date information, and made my recipe.

What she’s fed:

– LEAN MEAT from just about any animal. Beef is best for size/cost. Boneless.
– LIVER from cows. Chicken liver can also be used, but for Carly’s size, beef is better.
– CALCIUM in the form of chicken necks and cottage cheese.
– HERBS, leafy ones. Basil, oregano, parsley, mint, and so on.
– VEGGIES, red or yellow bell peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, mushrooms (shiitake).
– SARDINES, in oil.
– GARLIC and GINGER ROOT, peeled and finely chopped.
– BERRIES, blackberry, blueberry or raspberry is fine.
– OILS, ~7,000mg of krill or fish oil, not cod liver.
– WHOLE GRAINS, rolled or steel cut oats, never quick oats. This one is up to you.

What we do with those ingredients*:

1. Chop up 3lbs lean meat and place into boiling water. ALWAYS cook using low temperatures. Boil (212F) or simmer ONLY. Beef only needs the outer 1/8th cooked, but any poultry, fish, pork, or ground meat needs to be fully cooked.

2. Chop up a handful of chicken necks into bite sized pieces. Boil.

3. While that’s cooking, start to peel the ginger. When the beef is almost done, start chopping .5-1lb of liver.

4. When the beef is done, strain and wash off fat. Rinse out pot and add more water. Put liver bits into the pot and boil.

5. Strain the chicken and liver. Mix all of the meats in a bowl.

6. Cook the oatmeal. Make enough to have about 3 cups once cooked. If desired, the oatmeal can be left out. Put in separate bowl. I use the pot I cooked the oatmeal in.

7. Boil any remaining ingredients that you want to cook. I leave them fresh. Add in the berries, chopped ginger and garlic. Shred the herbs and greens. Chop up any peppers, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and mushrooms. Depending on the dog’s ability to eat and pickiness, puree the oatmeal and veggies. I leave them as is.

8. I don’t have one giant bowl, so have to use two smaller bowls. I split the meat into the two, making sure each has a good amount of all three meats. Then I add in the oatmeal mix.

9. Refrigerate and serve daily! If you add digestive enzymes, make the bowl half an hour before serving. I add in all supplements at feeding time, plus the cottage cheese. The cheese can be added during the making process, but it tends to separate things. I’ve found it easier to add it in at meal time.

Bonus pic of Steve and Lilly helping:

* This is for a 50lb dog. Add or subtract for different weights.


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