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2 Vizslas, a girl, and a crazy rabbit.

Today we went to our local pet store. Well, sort of local, we go to the second closest one. We hadn’t been there in a few months since I haven’t been picking up the dog food. The dogs were so excited! I don’t put Carly on a leash. At first she forgot about the treats behind the counter and started running down the aisles, before suddenly remembering and immediately going back to the employees to wiggle and beg. Steve and I walked around while she ran up and down and greeted others shopping. She was so happy and smiley.

Things we got for the puppy:



Kong Goodie Bone, a rubber bone with a rope attached.





4″ pressed rawhide bones




Waggle bone, puppy sized. Treats, peanut butter, etc. can be put in the ends. If one end is held, the middle wiggles!




Small Booda rope, Spearmint flavored.





Red Barn beef flavored filled bones, small



New Earth soy collar, indigo blue. Steve has the Olive stuff (and the red stuff) and Carly has the pink, so the only color left to buy is the blue! This will be the puppy collar and for inside wear.


Carly got to pick out a baked dog cookie, Steve got a little squeaky pheasant, and Lilly got a new bag of her precious Zupreem bunny kibble. They had a gorgeous Dutch girl in a cage, she’s being kept there for a rescue. I felt really bad about not being able to bring her home so I spent some money I didn’t have to spare on a huge bag of hay for her. Nobody from the rescue has been in to check on her, poor thing. She was so friendly.


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