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2 Vizslas, a girl, and a crazy rabbit.

I’ve always wanted to take my dogs to Central Park. I used to go there a few times a year when I was younger, usually for my birthday (january) and once in warmer weather. I’d always count how many dogs I saw and thought how wonderful it was that so many people had an amazing park to take their dogs to. With Carly’s upcoming passing, I was determined to get her there.

My happy girl.

36th and 42nd.

New York.

They were so amazed by it all, especially Carly. She wasn’t even whining or barking. She simply sat in the back seat, her nose by the window, looking starry eyed at all of the people and buildings, the lights and sounds. Getting to see her that happy meant so much.

In the park, mom walked her while I walked Steve. Carly was pulling a bit and kept wanting to stop and sniff things, but I let her get away with it. She only has a few weeks left to live, what’s the point in correcting her now? She was happy and having a blast. Every puddle had to be splashed in, every dog greeted, every lamp post investigated. A few dogs were nice enough to let Steve say hello to them. Poor Steve, I think most owners mistake his eagerness to say hello as potential aggressiveness.

Hey, I'm not a wildlife!



Time to sit.

24/52 Adventures with Carly.

I still have another roll to get processed, I need to finish it up. The dogs took a break with mom while I went into the Zoo. We found the Balto statue! I tried to take a photo of Steve sitting next to it, but he didn’t want to stay. A man took our photo with my camera. I really hope it turns out, I’m not sure if he knew how to use a manual camera or not.


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