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2 Vizslas, a girl, and a crazy rabbit.

I went looking for some yarrow today (and marshmallow, although I doubt I’ll ever find that) but nobody had it in stock. I ended up getting some catmint, basil, and nettles. Made a few more bags when I got home, new designs! I’m about to pack them so they’ll be up in the store tomorrow.

My car got completely blocked in while I was in one shop. The guy in front wasn’t parked in a space (half in one, half in another, parallel parking) so I parked behind him with a bit of room. When I got back to my car a green Lincoln had squeezed in behind me, so that he was just in front of the yellow line… and literally touching my rear bumper. I had to go door to door looking for the owner of either, sigh. The guy taking up two spaces is the owner of the new tattoo shop, I guess that makes him above the law.


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